open hearted mama

how to be a calmer, loving more compassionate mother | taught by Bree Taylor Molyneaux

Course description

Maybe being a mum isn’t at all what you’d expected it to be.
You aim to keep it together each morning, but still end up losing your cool by dinner time. Maybe your stress levels are on the rise and your relationship is straining under the burdens of parenthood and day-to-day living.

If you find yourself feeling:
  • overwhelmed and overburdened by tasks
  • resentful of the time it takes to be a mother
  • dragging yourself through each day very little sense of reward or appreciation
  • frustrated at your inability to stay calm while your children are being difficult
  • angry or sad at what your life has become
  • disconnected from your partner

Then its time to understand the shocking reality … so many mothers feel like just you.
When we become mothers we often end up giving an aspect of ourselves away, begin putting ourselves last and stop doing the things that used to make each day fun. But what if this problem comes mostly from our relationship with ourselves?

What if through embracing your own innate wisdom you can remember how to guide your children with ease, grace and calm; and parenting suddenly gets easier?

A five week, self paced program just for mamas

Open hearted mama helps you grow, learn and apply new strategies from the comfort of your own home at the most convenient time for you. This could be during school hours, when your toddler is at daycare, or at night while the children sleep.

What you will personally gain:
  • tools to transform negative emotions + be positive more often
  • learn how to prioritise, delegate and encourage useful self-talk
  • learn how to write and apply mantras for greater self-empowerment
  • an understanding of simple practical ways to keep yourself more in balance
  • techniques to dispel stress, frustration or be energised
  • tools to balance and ground you, ensuring more patience with your children
What you get:
  • 5 x weeks of online tuition
  • and a stack of practical resources including:
  • 6 x class workbooks
  • 5 x mini meditations + mindfulness mp3’s
  • 4 x powerful techniques to de-stress
  • 3 x energising + centring techniques
  • dedicated time for self care, reflection + inner growth

Join me to transform your experience of motherhood in a more open and loving way.

Bree Taylor Molyneaux
Bree Taylor Molyneaux
mama + happiness coach + therapist

I’m Bree Taylor Molyneaux, a Brisbane based mum, self-care + happiness coach, qualified clinical hypnotherapist and health food lover. I have made it my personal mission to influence the world we live in through helping parents and women to be better, calmer, happier and more loving with their children.

In short my mission is:

“To guide, teach and support women to be the best they can be”

For I know that as we raise a generation of well-balanced, inspiring, well-aligned and open-hearted children, these children will grow and inspire those around them to create an even better world as they too lead from the heart.

I look forward to connect with you in person soon

Email bree on:

Course Curriculum

Your official welcome to open hearted mama
welcome to open hearted mama!
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ohm prework | before we begin
Why we do pre-work
ohm prework | workbook
ohm | prework video
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ohm week one| class one
Class one of open hearted mama - releasing negative self talk
ohm | class one workbook
ohm | class one video discussion
ohm | class one - overview and workbook guidance
ohm | mini meditation + affirmations downloads
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ohm week two| class two
Class two | clearing negative emotions
ohm | class two workbook
ohm | class two video
ohm | class two techniques + mini meditation two
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ohm week three | class three
Class three | finding support through community
ohm | class three workbook
ohm | class 3 video
ohm | mini meditation three
ohm | class three audio guidance
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ohm week four| class four
Class four | releasing self judgement
ohm | class four video
ohm | class four workbook
ohm | class four audio guidance
ohm | class four mini meditation + releasing judgement meditation
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ohm week five | class five
Class five - listen to your heart
ohm | class five video
ohm | class five workbook
ohm | class five audio guidance
ohm | class five class resources
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ohm week six| BONUS GIFTS
ohm | some additional bonuses
ohm | your bonus audio gifts
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