Course Description

Maybe being a mum isn’t at all what you’d expected it to be...

You aim to keep it together each morning, but end up losing your cool by dinner time. Stress levels are probably on the rise as your relationship strains under the burdens of parenthood and day-to-day living.

It is time to understand the shocking reality … so many mothers feel like just you; unhappy, unfulfilled and seriously lacking in their own self care.

You see over time we often end up giving aspects of ourselves away, ... putting ourselves last and even STOP doing the things that used to make each day fun. But the great news is - this problem stems from our relationship with ourselves.  

As we re discover our own innate wisdom of self love, self-care and self compassion, we then have the inner ability to guide our children (or those around us) with more ease, grace and calm.

And when that happens life suddenly gets much easier.

A five week, self paced program

Open hearted mama helps you grow with yourself, learn and apply new strategies from the comfort of your own home at the most convenient time for you.

What you will personally gain:
  • tools to transform negative emotions + be positive more often
  • learn how to prioritise, delegate and have more useful self-talk
  • learn how to write and apply mantras for greater self-empowerment
  • an understanding of self care: creating practical ways to keep yourself more in balance
  • techniques to dispel stress and frustration
  • techniques to energise you on those long weary days

You get 5 x weeks of online tuition PLUS a stack of practical resources including:
  • 6 x class workbooks
  • 5 x mini meditations + mindfulness mp3’s
  • 4 x powerful techniques to de-stress
  • 3 x energising + centering techniques
  • dedicated time for self care, reflection + inner growth

Join me to transform your experience of yourself through exploring emotional self-care, self compassion and a being a more present woman.

Intimacy & Embodiment Coach Bree Taylor Molyneaux

WELCOME! For over 20 years Ive been deeply immersed in the personal development field of psychosomatics, trauma, mindset and human relationships. My areas of expertise include Embodiment, Relationships + Tantric Intimacy offered through 1on1 sessions and group workshops. In my work I draw on training as a trauma informed Clinical Hypnotherapist complemented with Embodiment based teachings from the Kashmiri lineage. Some of my renowned teachers include TANTRA : Michaela Boehm; Embodiment & Intimacy Coach, Author & Facilitator and John Wineland; Yogic Intimacy facilitator & Author NLP & HYPNOTHERAPY : David Kennedy School of Hypnosis, Ericksonian psychotherapy, the Mind Matters Institute, Anthony Robbins

Course curriculum

    1. Your official welcome to open hearted mama

    2. welcome to open hearted mama!

    1. Why we do pre-work

    2. ohm prework | workbook

    3. ohm | prework video

    1. Class one of open hearted mama - releasing negative self talk

    2. ohm | class one workbook

    3. ohm | class one video discussion

    4. ohm | class one - overview and workbook guidance

    5. ohm | mini meditation + affirmations downloads

    1. Class two | clearing negative emotions

    2. ohm | class two workbook

    3. ohm | class two video

    4. ohm | class two techniques + mini meditation two

    1. Class three | finding support through community

    2. ohm | class three workbook

    3. ohm | class 3 video

    4. ohm | mini meditation three

    5. ohm | class three audio guidance

    1. Class four | releasing self judgement

    2. ohm | class four video

    3. ohm | class four workbook

    4. ohm | class four audio guidance

    5. ohm | class four mini meditation + releasing judgement meditation

About this course

  • $189.00
  • 31 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content